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If you’ve visited this website before, you probably noticed that it’s undergone a wholesale upgrade this week!

The new look Steve Haywood Health & Fitness is designed with the local clients’ needs in mind. We wanted to showcase Steve’s services better so that more people could discover his website, and find out about how Steve can help them to become a healthier, happier, person.

If you live in Yorkshire, and you’d like to get fitter, to lose weight, and to feel better about yourself in the process, Steve Haywood has the knowledge, skills and expertise to help you onto the right path.

Have a browse around the website, and feel free to call Steve to make an enquiry about booking a personal training session in the near future.

We hope you enjoy looking at the website. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave a comment (publicly) below, or contact Steve with any private questions you may have.

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